Interview Preparation

I selected a Medical Office Representative named Isela Cooper for my interview because I was curious on the situation in the Medical field during the pandemic. Essential workers are on the forefront of these circumstances and their jobs are critical to us in this current time. Things I did to prepare for the interview was doing more research on Medical Office Representatives, how their position works, and their most important responsibilities working in the medical setting. Finding more information on this career and the effect Covid-19 has had on it helped me to come up with my ten questions for the interview. Some challenges I had to face for the interview was being able to work with both mine and the interviewee’s time schedules. Time management was a big issue I had during this especially with the amount time I had available. The way I was able to overcome this was being more flexible with my schedule so I could conduct my interview before the due date.

Interview Questions

Covid-19 has brought many challenges for our society and that is nowhere more noticeable than the medical field. Medical Office Representatives are on the front lines of this health crisis as they’re necessary to protect property and human life. Their jobs are as essential to us during this pandemic as nurses and doctors are.

How many hours do you work in a day?

What specific activities does this job require?

What effects has the current health crisis had on your job?

What challenging interactions have you had with patients?

Do you need any prior training or experience for this position?

Do you need good organizational skills in this position?

What are your primary duties as a medical office representative?

What communication skills did you acquire to help you work better with patients?

How do you usually handle situations with upset patients?

What skills have you obtained in the past to help you with this current position?


A person that I would be interested in interviewing is Nikola Tesla if he was reincarnated and recovered all his memories. I would like to interview him because he is generally considered one of the most underrated inventors and engineers of all time. Many of his accomplishments are missing in texts on radio, science, and engineering history. His minor accomplishments were mentioned in conventional history books don’t match the amount of recognition he was given by others. Some specific questions I would ask him would be what lessons he had learned while working with George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison because his great successes came when he worked with those men. Another question I would ask is why he was so determined to discredit Albert Einstein personally and denounce all of his work. The last question I would ask is if he likes the cars that were named after him because these cars have extreme popularity right now.

Introduction To Me

My name is Julianna Sinclair and I am a mass communications major. Some of my interests are photography and traveling. I have traveled to places such as Montreal, Canada and Barcelona, Spain which have been my favorite cities I’ve visited. I’m not a professional photographer but I hope to become pretty experienced in photography because to me its a useful skill to have, its fun, and it helps me to see the beautiful things in life. I really enjoy taking photos wherever I travel or of anything interesting to me. One of my views is looking at life as an adventure instead of taking everything so seriously, seeing the world as an enemy and opportunities are rare and hard to get, you will feel more free and possibilities will start to become endless. Right now I am taking this course because I have always have had a passion for writing and journalism is something that really interests me. I anticipate blogging about pretty much anything on this site because I have a lot of things that intrigue me at the moment but one thing I could write about would be my thoughts on events happening in our world.

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